New OTC treatment option for IBS patients

  One of the most common clinical interventions you make as a community pharmacist working is prescribing OTC medicines for patients who come into your pharmacy. For years it has been frustrating for pharmacists and patients alike that many interventions that may be available in other european countries OTC may still be subject to prescription […]

Group Class Dublin Invite

We are having a group class in Dublin and you are invited! At Excellent Pharmacist Academy, we know that a lot of pharmacists who have qualified from outside of Ireland have the requisite clinical skills to act as a pharmacist, but a lot of people struggle in their early days trying to learn all the […]

The Role of the Pharmacist in Drug Driving Prevention and Road Safety

The Role of  The Pharmacist in Drug-Driving Prevention and Road Safety   When it comes to road safety in Ireland, up until now, education and policy has been up to the Road Safety Authority and enforcement by the Gardai and punishment handed out by the courts. Today , a new internal report by the RSA […]

Oct 16

Could This Drug Replace Methadone and Buprenorphine in Opioid Dependent Patients? Opioid dependence is one of the most severe drug dependencies and is currently growing in many countries around the world, with the increased availability of illicit supplies of clinically relevant medicines like Fentanyl and Oxycodone becoming used as party drugs and the increase in […]


How does #Brexit affect your MPharm……. It does. Currently your ability to practice in the EU is governed by a number of factors which are subject to the UK being part of the EU.  These regulations allow for the free movement of citizens of EU members states to other EU member states but also allows […]

Top Reasons to be a Community Pharmacist in Ireland

 A recent article published in the online version of the business magazine, Forbes , states that one of the top jobs to have in healthcare is to be a pharmacist! So let’s look at why being a pharmacist in Ireland could potentially be for you. 1.  IT IS WORTH YOUR TIME Working as a pharmacist […]