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 A recent article published in the online version of the business magazine, Forbes , states that one of the top jobs to have in healthcare is to be a pharmacist! So let’s look at why being a pharmacist in Ireland could potentially be for you.


Working as a pharmacist is well paid work in Ireland in comparison to the rest of the EU , with potential earnings of up to €70,000+ per year  based on your experience , and even as a locum pharmacist you can achieve this. It is also very easy for Independent pharmacists to set up their own pharmacies in Ireland, compared to other countries in the EU. Which means the path to becoming your own boss , is very achievable.

 As a side note, you can also claim back your annual registration fee, of being a pharmacist against your tax , which means it is actually free to register as a pharmacist to you . As a pharmacist in Ireland, you are also looked upon quite favourably by banks when it comes to getting a mortgage for a house. Feel free to contact us to learn more.


Nowadays, the dream job is that job that gives you the potential for a perfect work-life balance. One where you can pick your hours, days and even months you work.  As a community pharmacist in Ireland, you can do locums and register with any of the agencies here in less than 24 hours of you registering as a pharmacist.

You can choose to be ultimately as flexible as you wish . you can work part time shifts, work at night, work during the day, work week days, work weekends. Whenever you are up for it , you can work . Community pharmacies in Ireland are open longer than traditional retail hours, so whatever stage in life you are at, you can find a job that suits your lifestyle needs.


In Ireland there are over 1800 retail pharmacies across the country the number of  potential employers are numerous and  with each pharmacy needing 2 or 3 pharmacists to be able to cover the opening hours. In Ireland it is Illegal for a pharmacy to be open except there is a registered pharmacist on the premises. This means that a pharmacy owner always has to have a pharmacist on site while the shop is open. It is also a workers market for a number of reasons and it will be that way for a while to come!


Pharmacies are located in almost every city and town in Ireland. This means that you can find a job in almost any area you may wish to live in Ireland. If waking up with a view of the beautiful coastlines of the wild atlantic way is your ideal morning, you can find a job very easily locally, to match this dream or if working in the City Centre takes your fancy this is also possible. Most highly skilled jobs require you to live in a City , with pharmacy in Ireland, you can pick whichever suits you.


This is also the perfect job, for interacting with the general public and making friends outside of your traditional friend circle, with your patients. You will see these people more often than you see many of your family members and I promise you this, they will give you more presents at holidays than your family members. But apart from that you will also get to apply a lot of the skills to actually help people become and stay healthy, which is extremely rewarding .You will also tend to work as part of a team, with you usually in a leadership role, which is very good for your own self development.

We are running a webinar on the 4th of August 8pm-930pm  led by a pharmacist with over a decade of experience in sector,  We will be discussing

  • How to get registered as a pharmacist In Ireland

  • The forms and applications needed and how to fill them

  • The job opportunities and career options in ireland

  • Brief overview of the legislative and administrative responsibilities of a pharmacist

  • Question and Answer session


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