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We offer the best course in Ireland at an affordable price to help you learn and work competently as a pharmacist in Ireland even if you trained abroad.

Foreign Trained Pharmacist Online Course

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What do you learn from the course?

Legal Module

Learn the relevant legislations and rules to guide you .

PCRS Module

know and understand the different prescription schemes .

Admin Module

Learn how to process day to day admin tasks in the pharmacy .

Technology Module

Learn about the different computer systems in Ireland and the type of tasks you’ll be expected to know how to perform

OTC Resources & Extra Information

Get Information about OTC products, brand names vs generic names , notes to help you with shadowing days and much more

We have trained a lot of pharmacists who were just like you and needed help with understanding how to work in Ireland



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With our online course , you can learn from the safety of your home during the pandemic and at your own pace and you can book in for a call if you have any questions.

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About Us

since 2016

Excellent Pharmacist Academy  was set up to help pharmacists who are making the transition from other countries or industries into the community pharmacy sector in Ireland. Our purpose, is to create a one-stop shop for such pharmacists.

The course is delivered by pharmacists who have trained and practiced in Ireland for a number of years. They also have international experience and registrations who fully understand the scope of community pharmacy practice in Ireland, which is not as straight forward as it is in many countries.

Ireland has a lot of administrative differences in the processing of prescriptions or dealing with pharmacy services which require a lot of work to understand


Our Mission

We equip qualified pharmacists from all over the world, with the necessary skills and knowledge to practice as a pharmacist in Ireland competently and effectively.


What we do

We offer an intensive course which teaches you all the administrative and legal information that is required to be most effective as community based pharmacist in Ireland.

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High Tech Hub Training for Beginners

High Tech Hub Training for Beginners

Introduction Okay, let’s start at the beginning. The High Tech Scheme was created by the government to pay for very expensive and specialised medicines for citizens of the state. The High Tech Scheme is very unique amongst all the schemes that exist between the PCRS...

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