We equip qualified pharmacists from all over the world, with the necessary skills and knowledge to practice as a pharmacist in Ireland competently and effectively.

What We Do

We offer a one day intensive course which teaches you all the administrative and legal information that is required to be most effective as community based pharmacist in Ireland.

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What will you learn with us ?

Our one day course is divided into 6 core modules which will teach all you need to know about working in Ireland which are taught by our pharmacists with over 10 years community pharmacy experience In Ireland :

The Modules :

  • Legal Module

  • Administrative Module

  • Technology & Dispensing Module

  • PCRS / Schemes Module

  • OTC & Clinical Interventions Module

  • Misc Module

click here for the Full Curriculum and to learn more about the course.

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Training Day Information

For updates about our training days and information about how to register with PSI , fill in the form below.