brexituk-electionHow does #Brexit affect your MPharm…….

It does.

Currently your ability to practice in the EU is governed by a number of factors which are subject to the UK being part of the EU.  These regulations allow for the free movement of citizens of EU members states to other EU member states but also allows for them to work, and you have the right to practice your profession in that member state. for more details click here.

In the case of a vote for the the UK to leave the EU is passed, it may become more challenging for UK citizens and holders of UK degrees to practice as pharmacists in other EU countries, as UK degrees may then have to be viewed as non-EU qualifications in the same way qualifications from America or Canada may be viewed by the registering authorities in EU countries. This could seriously limit your work opportunities and job prospects in the future.

If you wish at sometime in the future to work in another EU country maybe like Ireland because that’s where your family is from, it may not be a bad idea for you to start an application now to register as a pharmacist there, while the UK is still in the EU and the process is still very straight forward.

Registering as a pharmacist in an EU country will also then allow you free movement within other EU countries. for example, if you register in Ireland, and the UK leaves the EU, you will still be able to register in Spain if you wished, as you can prove your registration in another EU country based on your registration in Ireland.

For an information pack sent to your email about how to register as a pharmacist in Ireland, click HERE