What you need to know about the new PCRS Rules around Oral Nutritional Supplements.

  The HSE/PCRS has decided that from the 1st of July 2019 not all Oral Nutritional Supplements which have a PCRS/GMS code will be automatically reimbursed.    The HSE/PCRS has divided the present Oral Nutritional Supplements into two categories namely  List A and List B.   If a prescribed product falls under List A, it […]

Food intolerance tests should not be offered by pharmacists – The PSI

“The PSI, the pharmacy regulator, has informed pharmacists that they should not offer food intolerance testing services to diagnose food intolerance. The PSI issued a communication to pharmacists following the publication by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) of a Medical Devices Information Notice, which advises the public and health professionals that there is no single […]

Emergency Contraception Available to Medical Card Patients at No Cost

Emergency Contraception Available to Medical Card Patients at No Cost   The Minister for health and the IPU have come to a progressive arrangement whereby GMS patients from the 1st of July 2017 will be able to access emergency contraception from community pharmacists without first having to attend their GP to get a prescription or […]

List of Brands and Generics

  Hi , To get our list of our 29 page document for FREE that is a comprehensive list of the following : A list of products on the Irish Market , which have branded generics ( Includes Various Strengths and Drug Names) A list of the anti-infectives and their branded generics ( Includes Various […]

Changes to Controlled Drug Legislations 2017

Controlled Drugs Rules for Prescriptions The Department of health has decided to make some changes to the controlled drugs legislation as it currently stands. The proposed changes are outlined below. It is not yet brought into law yet but these are the proposed changes as outlined by the PSI. Naturally a lot of pharmacists would […]

New Rules for Phased Dispensing on GMS

Phased Dispensing Rules 2017 If you have attended any of our classes to date you will remember that  I had explained to you that “phasing” which is done on the GMS only is going through a lot of changes at the moment , and now a bigger change has occurred. The HSE has decided to change […]

PCRS Rules Changes News April 2017

Prescription Charges Prescription charges from the 1st of March have been revised as per the budget in 2016 for patients over 70 who have a valid GMS card  and their dependants as well . The new fee per item for these patients is €2 per item from €2.50 per item for other GMS card holders. […]

New Rules about Drug Driving Explained

Explaining Prescription Drugs and Driving to Your Patients as a Pharmacist Since the introduction of  road side testing in April for drug driving , a lot of pharmacists have found that they are having a lot of questions from their patients about how this road side testing will work and affect them , and rightly […]