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To get our list of our 29 page document for FREE that is a comprehensive list of the following :

  • A list of products on the Irish Market , which have branded generics ( Includes Various Strengths and Drug Names)

  • A list of the anti-infectives and their branded generics ( Includes Various Strengths and drug Names)

  • A list of topical preparations and their various formulations

  • A list of contraceptives and HRTs

  • A list of Eye and Ear Drops

  • A list of Inhalers , Nebules and Nasal Sprays

  • A list of commonly dispensed Non- HT Fridge Items

  • A list of Insulins and their formulations

The list is to help people get familiar with the various brands that are available on the Irish market, but also helps people quickly recognise equivalent brands among the “branded generic” products.

The list is ideal for :

  • Pharmacists who are moving to Ireland and struggle with identifying equivalent brands and the products , as they have different brands in the jurisdiction they have experience in

  • For Pharmacists who locum and are trying to learn the different brands in the different pharmacies they work to help with knowing where to look when products may be in alphabetical order

  • For Intern year Pharmacists who are looking to learn the different brands and products

  • For Pharmacists who may be considering doing a locum in a community pharmacy, but usually practice elsewhere and are unsure of brands

  • For Pharmacists who are looking to train in a Pharmacy Technician and new staff to the dispensary want to help the Technician learn quickly the various brands and the potential location of products in the dispensary to fast track their product knowledge and potentially reduce picking errors.